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Message 1:

Hello all

Wonderful web site. Very interesting. Good luck to you all and sleep well on your lumpy mattresses!!!

Paddy's Mum


Message 2:

The website looks fantastic. What a shame you have no busses or equipment to speak of. By the looks on the children and parents faces, it doesn't seem to matter at all. Keep up the fantastic work, in spite of difficult circumstances. Even the smallest things can make such a huge difference, as the photos prove. What a team! Rachel. Take care of each other. x

Message 3:


Ooops! Smashed the van up! (Not really) How's the weather? How's the Kentucky Fried Chicken? Missing your happy smiling faces. Wish you were here. See ya soon

Lots of love

The Hobdays!!


Message 4:

Bonjour tout le monde. comme on ca va?*

It's Haggis here and for you Francophobes, don't worry, no garlic was crushed in the writing of this message.

Hats off to all those involved fot a wonderfully palpitant* "journal de bord*". Bella has a great way of detailing all the highs and lows and If I were not in daily contact with her by phone, I think I would be, as we English say " doing my nut".

I console myself with the connaissance* that in only a few short weeks time, I too will be carrying overweight luggage, sleeping on lumpy beds and washing spinning plates on my day off.

I can't wait,

or as they say here in France "Je mon fou" ( just kidding poo)


Message 5:

I went into 'withdrawals'when the daily updates stopped, great to see them again and so comprehensive, compulsive reading. Loads of Holly's family and friends are keeping track of your progess via the website (more pics please if poss). So useful to be able to give them a webaddress instead of answering endless questions. I'm not sure which was the greater cliff hanger, Lady Deadlocks revelatious or the liberation of the Playbus. Holly - keep the texts coming my love, looking forward to Lee Evans. Mama X (P.S. What pressy @ Heathrow?)


Message 6:

Hi Everyone! Glad to hear everything going OK. Off to bed to recover from C in N - Bless them!!. Great that I get to talk to you so often. Even more happy that the bus was finally set free. Missing you lots. Everything at the Fort rosey. Take Care. Great diary by the way. Chris & Steve XXX


Message 7:

Looks and sounds great daddy...see you soon, missing you too love Siordag xx


Message 8:

Its Jacobs birthday tomorrow! (3/12) Happy birthday mate - love you loads, wish i was there and see you thursday Daddy Paddy xxxxxxxxxx


Message 9:

hi all, charlie chuckles is still a clown!! love 2 all,soon home with pics + storys 2 tell. see u all soon. charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Message 10:

hello!! hope it's not too awful - bet you're missing everyone - you still haven't told me what you want for Christmas!

see you soon, love kate x


Message 11:

Really looking forward to seeing you all on your return. Paddy and Charlie, make the most of the rest of your trip, it's a life changing experience i'm sure. Even so, can't wait to have my best friends home. Might have to come to the airport. See you soon. x x x Rach

Message 12:

Hi Dad Im missing you loads and loads and thank you for your lovely message and letter, Please write back to me


Message 13:

Great to hear from you, Jake - soon be home! cant wait to see you and caleb! love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Message 14:

Ello Dad thank you for sending me E-mails me Mum and Caleb cant wait to to have you back home with us!

PLEASE can you write to me on Piczo my user name is jaguar9 and so is my password (i really dont care if im giving away my password!)Cant wait to wake up on friday morning and have you here!

Love Tanya ME Caleb and Puffy



Message 15:

Hi Paddy, just wanted to let you know that I'm really proud of you. You're a fantastic person who has so much to give to so many. Really looking forward to seeing you at the airport (have lots of tissues ready). Thursday can't come soon enough. All my love and more Tanya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Message 16:

We've really enjoyed hearing about the trip so far (thanks to Emmy for the web address) - and lots of love to Jo and Rooben especially. We'll miss you particularly over Christmas, but cant think there is a more appropriate way to spend Christmas than what you are doing. Henry, Jane, Melanie and Kweku


Message 17:

Finally found the diary and worked out how to post a message! A welcome relief from my tax return and made me quite tearful to see what you've all been achieving! Wunderbar! Hope you're all refreshing in Thailand and back in Blighty before the Thai leg. Personally I can't wait - it's still freezing here and we have black skies in East London following a massive explosion at an oil depot in Hemel Hempstead. I've got the balloons, and my flight booked to Phuket - apparently Sean Gandini is out there too, but I think you kow that. The web log makes everything very real and the photos are very flattering of Jo! Any more of Roo in the suitcase? Love to you all (especially my stars Roo & Jo) Jake x


Message 18:

Just been reading the diary under orders from Bella(skimming will read in more detail at leisure) and am so impressed with you all and with what you are doing. Most excellent. Have a lovely Christmas. I shall have several drinks in your honour. Lots of love Paddy Bramwells

Message 19:

Hi Jo, Jake and Roo a happy new year to you and your mates. You'll never guess, we were holed up in Kent due to snow and it was bitterly cold. Now it is raining.

Heard from dwg at midnight from Arizona. All well there.

In London there was an over-indulgent firework display. The money could well have been spent on the tsunami victims.

Enjoy your holiday. When do you start your work again in Thailand? Or maybe it is all work!

We think about you all the time. Tell us your telephone number for future contacts.

Much love to Roo and Jo/Jake.


Message 20:

Hello Haggis and Bella, happy, happpy new year. Just found your diary and am thrilled to read what is going on. Wish we were there to lend a hand. Hope you enjoy the diving and look forward reading the blog. Safe journey,

love Ken, Sarah and Ellie




Message 21:


Message 22:

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