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26 January

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Thursday 26 January


Going out with a bang!


3 shows today for a total of 1,800 children! Tomorrow workshops for 60 and show for 130 in the morning, and then show for 400 (or it might be 600) in the afternoon.


Mr. Wee collects us at 8.15 and we head north to Ban Yao - this is quite a big Thai town, and it was at the temple here that all the bodies were stored after the tsunami. Figures vary, but it was a very large number, sadly.


We arrive at the school at 9.30, as arranged, and El is there to meet us - so are 600 students, sitting neatly in a sala with a really high stage. Eeek! Our show really can't be performed on a stage - the building is not high to start with, and the height between the stage and the ceiling is only about 10 foot - quite impossible for the high juggling pieces with hats, balls and clubs that are the (no pun intended) highlights of the show. They have set the children lengthways down the hall, so the ones at the back would really see next to nothing.




Backstage kid check"Oh dear", we say politely, "Is there anywhere else we could perform?" Haggis and I trot to the other side of the campus and inspect an alternative space, which is much more like a sports hall, and is far more suitable for our needs (which actually are very few now - space, shade and a power point). Mr. Wee drives the songtheuw round to the new hall and we unpack and set the show in double quick time, and start, as arranged, on the dot of 10.00 - hurah! We are right by the loos, and there are gaps in the paving stones above what appears to be an open sewer in our backstage area - great care has to be taken to avoid any of the many balls and clubs used in the show falling into the sewer, and indeed we have to keep a close eye on Lelio and Roo as well, for fear of them slipping down too!


It's a very good, high-energy show and the children find it hilarious. Daisy yet again finds the right man to pick on with her flirty bit, and the children positively shriek with laughter. There is a little speech of thanks afterwards and we are presented with a lovely picture of Thai children playing a game. Swift goodbyes and thanks as we have to rush on to the next school if today's hectic timetable is going to work.


We arrive at the very big secondary school in Takuapa, where we are going to do 2 shows this afternoon, and are given a very fine lunch before we set up the show in the huge sports sala. The first show goes really well from 1pm-2pm - 600 students aged 15 to 16. They really love the show and are rolling in the aisles!




tap_lamu_audienceOne problem is that about half way through, very large numbers of 13-14 year-olds come and watch the end of the show. We try to hustle them away and tell them they will see it later, but to no avail. We start the second show at 2.30 and for some reason the new, younger, audience are just not such a good audience. Our performers are admittedly very tired, but the show if fine as such. We really should have insisted on them going away and not watching the second part of the first show. Then at 3.20 almost half the audience make a getaway - it appears they have buses to catch! Hey ho! If we had been told that, we could have done the second show 2.15-3.15. A bit disappointing, but never mind. A sweet boy makes a charming speech of thanks and we are presented with a picture - it is quite impressionistic, but it seems to be a pink lady embracing a blue man, who we think symbolises the tsunami. Very pleased to have it, but have got to work out how to get it into my luggage!


We drive to the Kindergarten in Takuapah with El, to see if they will let us do a show there tomorrow afternoon as our last show (we have given up the idea of doing a Saturday show as no one seems to be able to set one up, and we don't want to risk ending with a tiny show that we set up ourselves). Yes, they would be delighted to have us, which is great. 400 students, so that will be a very nice end to the Tour - it is important for morale that we go out with a bang and not with a whimper!


All very tired after a 3-show day, but very pleased to have done shows for 1,800 children today.


27 January

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