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22 December

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22 December

Rehearsals and Preparations


More rehearsals and preparations. Jess and I cut out lots of paper badge centres and draw the circles, and make masses of beanbags. More rehearsals. Linda and Somchai come over in the afternoon to go through it all with us, and then we ring tomorrow's school. Strange chain - me telling Steve what I want Somchai to ask the head teacher, Steve translating to Somchai, Somchai asking the head, the head responding, Somchai telling Steve what she said, and Steve telling me - up and down the chain the questions go! It appears tomorrow's school (Subapon 5 in Phuket Town) is having all their Christmas celebrations tomorrow - perhaps not an ideal day for us to visit! However they seem delighted, saying no-one from abroad has ever visited them before. We have to arrange a new timetable as the children are staging their own show, but we manage to get most things sorted on the phone. Fingers crossed!


23 December

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