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21 December

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21 December

What is possible?


Steve Groh arrives - he is a splendid American circus workshop leader who has lived and worked in Bangkok for several years, and he has very kindly agreed to come and join us for the Phuket leg of the Tour up to the end of 3rd January, which is great. He also speaks excellent Thai, which is hugely helpful as the translator that had been organised has fallen through. Somchai will take his place instead, and we must ensure that he learns all the parachute games, workshop instructions, etc. in the next week before we lose Steve's help on 3rd January.


We spend the day rehearsing and working out exactly what is practicable to do during the workshops and what isn't. The basic "plan" is to run parachute games with 60 children from 9.30-10.00, then the first part of the show from 10.00 to 10.45. Then workshop for 90 children (badges, juggling and catching games, plate-spinning, ribbon twirling, boomsticks, etc.) from 11 to 12. Lunch 12-1. Workshop for another 90 children as above from 1 to 2, but with them making a beanbag each instead of a badge, and then the second part of the show from 2.15 till 3.00. But we are aware that each venue will be different and that we will have to do a lot of thinking on our feet and make changes fairly often!


22 December

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