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13 December

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Tuesday 13 December:


Kata BeachA good walk along lovely Kata Beach, a light breakfast (dieting, dieting, dieting!) and then internet office to catch up with everything.


In the afternoon met Khun Somchai, Linda Cruse's right-hand man out here, who is holding the fort tour-wise out here while she is in England seeing all sorts of important people. Somchai is lovely, but his English is only basic and our Thai is non-existant, so we struggle to communicate, but get there in the end.


The venues for the Thai Tour seem to be mostly schools, so we won't be working Saturdays and Sundays. In Phuket (map) it looks like 2 schools a day (plus some Safe Houses/Orphanages, Sea Gypsy village, etc.) where we will only be able to do shows as the numbers are very large. But at the disabled school and the autistic school and one or two others like the Safe Houses, where there aren't so many children, hopefully we will be able to fit in some workshop stuff as well. (Having carted the parachutes and badges all the way from Sri Lanka, I am very keen to use them, at at least in some of the sessions!)


For the Khao Lak and Krabi/Phi Phi (map) legs of the Tour, it looks like just one school a day, which means we could run 9 am-3pm, running something like: 1st part of our show, parachute games and workshops, lunch break, parachute games and workshops, Talent Show by children, final part of show from us.


I will be seeing Linda on Sunday, once she gets back from England, and we will finalise everything then. Despite the necessary date changes (because the gigs will be in schools and their not being open at weekends), we have still managed to timetable 23 days of touring (as we had hoped), often with 2 large schools a day - so our child figures will be high. Have bunged off a long email to Linda, just to check that the venues Somchai has suggested really are the most needy ones. We can't do everywhere, but we must do the most important places.


Then yesterday evening I did an interview with Andy, a really nice journalist from the Phuket Gazette ( a local weekly newspaper). They will send a photographer out with us next week and then interview me more fully and do a big double-page spread in a couple of weeks, which will be very useful. I was able to pick his brain about a lot of things, which was incredibly useful - indeed I probably interviewed him more than he interviewed me - very helpful!


Webmaster writes: here are ten useful Thai phrases!


14 December

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