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12 December

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12th December

Preparing for Thai Tour


So on 8 December Jo, Rooben and I flew from Colombo to Bangkok.


No trouble with customs

To our huge relief we got all our excess baggage through (the 2,000 badge bits and machine and the 2 parachutes, etc.) with no trouble, and had no trouble with customs the Thai end.


My lovely husband Haggis, who will be performing during the Thai leg of the Tour, arrived on the 9th from England - I hadn't seen him for 5 weeks, so that was a very joyful reunion!


On the 10th we met up with Steve Groh, a really nice American guy I had been put in touch with by a friend. Steve can run circus skills workshops of all sorts and has lots of equipment. He loves the idea of what Children's World International is doing, and is almost certainly going to come down and join us for the Phuket leg of the Tour. We had a good meeting at our hotel, and (after fantastic massages at Wat Po Temple Massage School) then we caught the flight down to Phuket on the evening of the 10th. Again we got the excess baggage (all the above-mentioned plus all sorts of extra bits and pieces like modelling balloons and facepaints tbat Haggis brought out for me) onto the flight with no problem - we feel very blessed to have been so lucky!




It was dark and too late once we arrived in Kata (where Hags and I are having a mini-holiday before the Thai Tour starts) for Jo to go room hunting, so she and Roo shared a mattress on the floor of our room for that night. On the morning of the 11th Jo (who is longing for a deserted beach!) and Roo set off adventuring - they will meet up with us again around noon on 20 December. Jake (Jo's husband and performing partner) will arriving evening 20th, and hopefully Streve Groh will be arriving to join us on 21st.


Rehearsals etc. on 21st and 22nd, and then the Tour starts on 23rd.


In the meantime Hags and I are having a romantic little holiday before we are joined on 15th by our lovely daughter Jessica. During the mini-holiday I need to go and meet up with Khun Somchai (the Thai representative of Linda Cruse, who is setting up the Thai Tour for us) tomorrow, and then Linda when she returns from England on the 16th, to check the timetable for the Tour - final dates, times, venues, numbers of children, etc. so that we can plan each session really well.


More ribbon-twirling?


I also need to go and check out the hotel where we will be staying (free of charge!) for the Phuket leg of the Tour, and think about whether we want to make more ribbon-twirling sticks and more hoola-hoops for the workshops (more spinning plates and "boomsticks" are arriving with Jessica on 15th).


Always admin


I will also need to keep in touch with Chris at the Glastonbury office about Children's World matters generally, and keep in touch with Paddy and Charlie about the Tudor Workshops and the Maths Workshop that they are doing later this week, and I need to write various reports and bits and pieces. But there will also, hopefully, be time for fun and relaxation, which I must admit is much needed after the hard work of Sri Lanka.


Haggis and I had our scuba diving "tune-up" yesterday as it has been almost 2 years since we last dived, and today we had two wonderful dives at Racha Yai - lots of moray eels, lion fish, two beautiful bat fish and a wonderful octopus.


Next diary Wednesday?


I will only send diary entries when there are things to report on the upcoming Thai Tour - so I will probably write again on Wednesday, once I have seen Khun Somchai and got the finalised timetable of venues.


Phuket seems to have recovered very well from the Tsunami - everything seems to have been rebuilt in this area, but things may have been slower in Khao Lak and Phi Phi. Linda says there is still a lot of grief among the children though, and we very much look forward to presenting some great performances and workshops and giving them a really good time. The Sri Lankan Tour was immensely worthwhile, despite all the difficulties, and we feel confident that the Thai Tour will be equally useful.


13 December

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