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1 January

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Sunday 1st January 2006


New Year - rest and resolutions


Sad parting

I wake up at 5.30 and part write up the diary and wake Hags and Jess at 6.30 and bike over to the hotel for an early breakfast of smoked salmon, fruit and French toast - goodness we have been spoilt here! Back to the villa to organise a taxi and pack up her last bits and pieces and then I take Jess to the airport. Very sad seeing her off - 33 days before I see her again - I hope she will be good about emailing me regularly.


No shows today so catch the diary right up to date, and make various phone calls that need to be made. Club Med are very kindly continuing to lend us the small unicycle till the end of the Khao Lak leg of the Tour, which is great - when we drive on to Krabi, we must remember to send the uni back to Phuket with Steve and Lee Hayes!


I'm going to have another swim now and then try and motivate everyone into helping me make a lot more badge centres and beanbags as we are almost out of them.


It is still unclear about where we are working Monday and Tuesday (the last 2 days of this leg of the Tour), but hopefully Somchai will ring later today with clear plans. I hope we can visit the Sea Gypsy Village on Monday and on Tuesday do a commuting reccy up to Khao Lak, do a gig there and look for accommodation as the hotel deal up there for the 10th till the 22nd leg of the Tour hasn't materialised, and we need to find rooms or a house up there. As we haven't got the hotel deal, we have big budget worries, and need to find somewhere really cheap to stay.

Wishes and resolutions

We wish everyone a very happy New Year - may 2006 bring peace and joy, and hope for so many who suffered in 2005.


My resolutions are to cut down on my smoking, meditate every day, and be nicer, calmer and kinder - and to smile more! I will write again tomorrow or the next day.


2 January

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